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Aiming to learn and leverage Amazon's platform to expand business reach internationally.
Currently selling on Amazon and seeking to learn and optimize operations for better efficiency.



Have been conducting business on Amazon but lack experience, formal training, or are not conducting business successfully.
Having conducted domestic e-commerce business and wanting to enlarge the market internationally.

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Why choose AGlobal for learning Amazon business?

Our courses are delivered on a modern and user-friendly E-learning platform, offering the best learning experience for users.
We offer lifetime access to the sections and course materials, allowing you to revisit and reinforce knowledge whenever needed.
You can gain real-life tips from our team of highly experienced professionals who have practical expertise in the Amazon marketplace.
Over 50% of our course content consists of actual examples and practical exercises, ensuring that you can easily grasp the concepts and apply them effectively.
We guarantee dedicated support and regular assistance in addressing inquiries through our AGlobal learner community
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Reach new customers and propel brands to new heights on the world's dominant e-commerce platform.
Learn comprehensive knowledge and skills, create a competitive advantage when doing business across borders.
Increase profits from selling and advertising on Amazon.
Connect with the business/individual community with the same direction, share experiences and support each other.



For SMBs/individuals who want to self-manage and operate an Amazon account.

- Documents are divided into online sessions including live classes and meeting with sellers.
- Live classes are unlocked according to each session, course materials are constantly updated.
- Learners can receive direct support from AGlobal's Account Manager via a Zalo group.
- Priority invitations to events and workshops of AGlobal and Clever Group.

1-1 FBA training

For businesses

- In-depth training and consulting on Product Selection & Expansion, Effective Amazon Business Delivery and Brand Building in the US and Amazon.
- Receive 1-1 support from AGlobal trainers and Account Manager.
- Access a comprehensive knowledge base on Amazon through AGlobal and Clever Group's training channels.
- Free other courses at AGlobal for 12 months.
- Discounts when using Marketing services at Clever Group.
- Become VIP guest for AGlobal and Clever Group's events and workshops.


Amazon FBA Starter E-learning course

   This course provides complete knowledge and skills about FBA business on Amazon.

   Students will be provided with a complete set of knowledge through 7 main modules:

  • Overview of Amazon FBA
  • How to research the market and find potential products
  • Set up a professional sales account
  • Promote products/brands with Amazon
  • Monitor booth performance
  • Building a global brand on Amazon
  • Policies, regulations and notes when selling on Amazon

   In addition to self-study and reinforcing knowledge through sections and quizzes, students will have the opportunity to participate in 20 live sessions (1.5 - 2 hours per session) conducted by AGlobal's experts.

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Amazon PPC e-learning course

   This course provides complete knowledge and skills about various types of advertising at Amazon.

   Students will be guided from A to Z on the most effective forms, structures, and ways to deploy and execute advertising on the platform.

   At the same time, equip students with keyword analysis skills, cost and revenue management and update Amazon's latest policies on advertising.

   Don't miss this opportunity to become an Amazon advertising expert! Find out now!

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FBA 1-1 training course for businesses

   AGlobal provides businesses with specialized training courses on doing business on Amazon.

    Businesses will receive thorough training from leading experts and receive in-depth advice on effective business strategies and tips on this platform.

   The training curriculum with 6 major topics compiled methodically and in-depth by AGlobal will help businesses grasp the secret to success on Amazon!

   Overview of 6 modules, including:

  • Amazon overview and product research.
  • Building booths, content and brand stories.
  • Set up, optimize and create advanced strategies for Amazon PPC advertising.
  • Booth & brand management and reporting results
  • Notes when selling FBA products.
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